Web Design and Usability

Poor user interface design discourages people from using a Web solution, affects your professional reputation, and impacts your company's bottom line.

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Juniper develops applications with Usability in mind, helping you understand why usability is important, while increasing your and your staff's knowledge base, experience and productivity.

Our Graphic Designers and Usability Analysts are here to help design your Website, customizing it to your requirements. We aim to portray a professional image, a Commercially effective Website, well designed with good quality content, and above all, that it is practical and effective (that sells and that is User-friendly).

The Web is a tool that can help achieve these aims. Your clients are interested in the capabilities of your site as well as the value that your site can provide them.

The way in which a project is planned, is as follows :

  • It is essential that we establish the reason you want to have a Website. It may be to get your Corporation known, selling of your products and services, increase your presence on the Web, launch new products, attract more clients, etcetera. We also need to establish the intended audience that the site is aimed at, before establishing the best ways of communicating with this audience.
  • Once we know what needs to be communicated and to whom, the site is designed to give it a personality and a style that may match your Company's style, if it already exists.
  • Only then, the information is organised according to the priorities agreed with you.
  • All the different elements that are a part of the site are combined together with the style decided upon, and the mass of information already organised, ending in a coherent total.

In the design of any Website, we need to take into account those factors most valued by our potential clients, these being:

  • Functionality
  • Content
  • Technology
  • Optimization
  • Comfortable browsing
  • Design
  • Corporate Image

It is also important to take into account that time is one of the most precious commodities that your potential client and site visitor may have, and as such, they want to be able to access the information which any organisation wants to transmit through their Website to them, in the easiest, most comfortable and fastest way possible.

A usable software application encourages and enhances adoption and productivity through:

  • Increased usage
  • Improved user satisfaction
  • Optimized user acquisition and conversion
  • Enhanced brand image



For more information on the services we offer and pricing please call or schedule an online demonstration. We may elaborate a proposal without commitment.