Data Center

Our main Data Centers are in Palma de Mallorca and in Miami.

The servers that Juniper uses are hosted in IDC's with the following characteristics:

  • Monitoring service of data transfer flows and electric power usage
  • Uninterrupted Power Supply systems that come in to action automatically in the event of any power supply failure
  • Connection to a 1Gbps to the Juniper Firewall
  • Connection of the Firewall to a router using BGP4 protocol (which allows for alternating and the improvement of the routing as well as the availability of 24x7 connection) connected to various access providers

The Data Centre is used to ensure the maximum security for Juniper's clients. The physical security of the equipment installed in the Data Centre is certified by the use of sensors that control the temperature and environment humidity, filtering of the air that avoids the intrusion of particles, and an automatic air conditioning system. A Fire detection system will automatically activate the expulsion of an inert gas which will extinguish a fire in only a few seconds.

The assured Electric power supply is another important aspect of the Data Centre's use, which has an Uninterrupted Power Supply system that guarantees the stability and continuity of the power supply to the equipment. Should the power cut be longer than expected, the Data Centre is connected to an autonomous electronic supply system which would supply the necessary power that will ensure that our clients do not suffer any upset.

Perimeter security, with restricted access only to authorized personnel and controlled by magnetic card, as well as an overall alarm and video surveillance guarantee the physical safety of the servers.

The firewalls setup by Juniper, ensure that the data and equipment are perfectly protected against any attack through the Web. Apart from ensuring redundancy in the communication systems, Juniper has duplicate servers in different locations, with daily updating from one server to another, of the databases and web applications.

The servers are High standard Dell Poweredge servers with SAS disks in RAID (the RAID technology allows, as well as a much faster access to disk, that the server can continue operating in the case of a disk failure). Should a server fail, another server will automatically start up to substitute it, thus reducing the possibility of a service interruption to close to 0% levels.

Juniper has available sufficiently qualified human resources to tackle any support issues relating to communication, hosting or programming problems. 


For more information on the services we offer and pricing please call or schedule an online demonstration. We may elaborate a proposal without compromise.