The Affiliates Programme is aimed at promoting online sales, offering external websites the possibility of redirecting customers to your site and honouring commission on the sales generated in it.

We design a search engine which can easily be inserted on to your affiliates own websites, instead of a banner with a link. Thus, the affiliate´s visitors will enter their search data in the affiliate website and then they will get the results from your own Website, with all the details (storing the hidden affiliate code, for later reconciling). You can offer commission to affiliates for each visitor reservation made ​​on your website, even in the future (up to 365 days), since the system leaves a cookie on the visitor’s computer that identifies by whom they were referred initially.

The system will generate reports with the following information:

  • Number of visits made
  • Number of reservations made
  • Total sales for bookings made
  • Commission amount that corresponds to the affiliate