Who we are

We are a Team of more than 280 professionals, experts in Internet Technology and in the Travel Industry.

Since 2003, we offer a permanent quality and service commitment to all our clients, taking care of your needs in an environment which is in permanent change and evolution.

We have our Head Office in Palma de Mallorca (Spain) and office in Miami (Florida, U.S.A.), Dubai (UAE),  Cali (Colombia) and São Paulo (Brazil).

We are leaders in providing solutions for Travel Companies, with more than 360 clients in 50 countries throughout America, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe, allowing us to investigate and develop new solutions in the most innovative markets and offer them to our clients globally, providing your Company with exactly what your market needs and remain innovative in your own Industry.

We create web applications – websites, intranets and extranets – that are highly functional and effective. Our focus on human interaction with computers and design based on usability, ensures that our applications are tailored to customer needs by adding value to your business.

We provide you with Juniper Booking Engine and Cangooroo Booking Engine reservation systems.

We improve the operational efficiency of our clients offering innovative solutions that automate the request processes, facilitate the contracting of products and internal management processes, thus reducing costs and using far more efficient sales channels than those traditionally used.

We aim our solutions at:

  • Wholesalers
  • Destination Management Companies (DMCs)
  • Online Travel Agencies (OTAs)
  • Bed Banks

Your Company can have all sorts of online applications, from dynamic information relating to the sales of your products and managing the bookings, to creating all the content information you might wish to display on your Websites and designing your own e-mailing campaigns.

You will have the opportunity to offer your own inventory and complementary inventories to your own through transparent connection with external suppliers.

The success of your Internet Project will depend on the best use being made of the most innovative solutions which adapt to your business requirements and the support you get through the life of your project.

Our business model allows you to provide an updated solution, adapting new developments to an ever-changing internet tourism market.

In Juniper you will find your best ally:

  • We are leaders in distribution solutions for Tourism Companies.
  • We improve the operational efficiency of our clients by offering innovative solutions.
  • Our main aim is the success of your Internet project.
  • We adapt our solutions to your business requirements and to your market conditions.
  • We offer you technology consulting.
  • We offer you the necessary tools to optimise your ROI (Return on Investment).
  • Our tools allow you to have complete control over content, prices and availability of those products you wish to sell on your Websites.

Leader in XML connectivity, Juniper has more than 350 XML integrations developed with external tourism product suppliers. It offers a complete inventory of its own and external product via Web Service to customers around the world.

In this way, your company can simultaneously offer your own products and / or those of external suppliers, giving your customers the option to choose from a wide range of products on your website as an added value.

We  have a large number of clients that have entrusted their technological requirements in us. The experience gained by our Team, after more than fifteen years of Strategic and Technological development in Internet, includes many of the leading Corporations in the European, North and South American, as well as Middle Eastern Tourism Industry.

In addition, we have a specific Software Factory department to develop bespoken applications and solutions, according to our client prerequisites.