Groundhandling Management

A module aimed specifically at the Incoming Agency, where the management of all groundhandling services is done from within the agency.

With this module, the Online Travel Agency will be able to:

  • Create Pick-up points for Transfers and Excursions for both, passengers and assigned sales representatives or guides.
  • Relate pick-up points according to distances and times.
  • Edit different vehicle types, assigning cost and sales prices for each vehicle.
  • Assign automatically all bookings, directly or at a group level to different transfers/Excursions/Guides. 
  • Manage sales rep. tickets, by assigning numbered ticket books to them, managing sold excursions and settling the amounts charged by them.
  • Set up the pick-up point order for each excursion according to the receptive Travel Agency’s preference.

 You may export:

  • A list of all services grouped by origin, pick-up point area or sales rep. service.
  • Exursion sales Ticket book settlement
  • Welcome letters and envelopes.

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