You will be able to handle automatic invoicing per booking, or multiple bookings in a single invoice and control the payments made to your Suppliers, since, by having all the cost data on all the products inside your solution, you will be able to see the forecast on payments to be made to your Suppliers, and hence, you will easily be able to control the whole process.

With this module you will be able to:

  • Invoice customers, based on various invoicing rules, generate and send pro-forma invoices to your customers.
  • Manage the payments received from your customers/invoices as well as manage any pre-payments received
  • Record in the system the invoices received from suppliers.
  • Reconcile the payment of bookings with the supplier invoices, and manage payments you make to your suppliers.
  • Direct Debit payments made by your customers.
  • Transfers the balances between different customers and suppliers.
  • Export to other Accounting systems (QuickBooks, A3, SAP, Microsoft GP, etc. through our own Webservice, to any other program) your customer and supplier invoices, as well as all payments received and made.



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