Juniper Booking Engine

With Juniper Booking Engine (JBE) your Company will have total management and automatization freedom on your sales channels.

Automate the processes of handling your Bookings and your communication with your customers, without human intervention, throughout the 24 hours of every 365 days of each year, thus improving the Productivity within your Company.

With the Juniper Solutions, your Company can manage in real time the availability of stock, change prices instantly, sell complementary products, thus easily generating add-on sales, manage offers, insert content that you wish to add to each separate Sales Distribution Channel, as well as dynamically package the products you offer, following your customers real time needs. 

All of our modules include the tools necessary so that any of your Company's Team members, with a limited amount of computing knowledge, can create all the pages required on your Website, with all the information on products, prices, allotments, special offers, destinations, or any other information which could be of interest to your customers.

The Booking Engine helps you optimize the profits on Sales, since you can easily adjust prices and offers, according to market conditions, without delay, using the most innovative Yield Management tools currently available. Our solutions allow you to manage all the Bookings received, regardless of the Sales Distribution Channel that generated the Sale, from one single access point, with all the Booking Details saved in your own Database, giving you the oppotunity to view and export Reports and Statistics which will be of great use when designing new products, rates or offers.

The Booking Engine is multi-channelled and allows end-consumers, Travel Agents, Corporate Accounts and other affiliates, to be able to purchase your products and services at discounted or commissionable rates, with different contracts depending on each different type of product and each different negotiation reached. Each client will be able to view all bookings made, by accessing the web page with their user and password.

With our Booking Engine, your Company can offer in your own Website, inventory and products which can complement your own, via XML interfaces with external Suppliers of all kinds of services. In this way, you are able to offer your clients a variety of services which, up until now, were impossible to manage from one single Website. If you so wish, you can even offer the products to Third-Party Sales Channels, where the inventory is accessed via XML Interface.

Juniper Booking Engine Graph

Some of the advantages that you can profit from using our Juniper Booking Engine, include:

  • Confirm bookings made, automatically.
  • Remain open 24 hours of the day, 365 days of the year.
  • Have total control over your rates and inventory.
  • Integrate different modules and Sales Channels.
  • Manage your product inventory online from the intranet.
  • Your web may be Multilanguage and Multicurrency.
  • Offer your products On Request if there is no availability on line.
  • Regularly keep all of your clients updated of special offers thanks to the tools we offer you.
  • We design your web page, adapting it to your corporate image.
  • Offer different conditions to your clients with net and commissionable prices.
  • Suggest all types of complementary products to the Accommodation Booking.
  • Control the Access of your agents through different permission levels.
  • Your clients will be able to make purchases in only three easy steps.
  • Give your buyers confidence through the use of secure payment gateways, using data encryption.
  • Offer the content on your Website in different languages dynamically, as your buyer expects.
  • Offer the automatic conversión of booking prices into the currencies that you wish to offer.
  • Offer different products or destination services as a package, dynamically.
  • Send automatically the trip voucher to the traveler or to your clients.



For more information on the services we offer and pricing please call or schedule an online demonstration. We may elaborate a proposal without commitment.